Engage your customers and achieve disability inclusion

Engage at Scale's team of blind and low-vision individuals use their highly specialized skill set to help leading organizations engage with their customers, while improving their Disability Index score.

You don't have to struggle to achieve your disability inclusion goals - we can help

It's Good for Business

Leveraging our professional Customer Engagement Specialists helps you better engage with your customers

It Builds an Inclusive Economy

You're already a company that values a diversified workforce. Working in partnership with Engage at Scale allows you to expand this mission while improving your Disability Index Score

You See Lives Transformed

Help provide professional employment opportunities to the blind and low-vision community

Meet Our Customer Engagement Specialists

All of our Customer EngagementSpecialists are blind or visually impaired. Meet a few of our team members.

“The support we received was tremendous. They are a team of strong communicators who managed the work efficiently. The team was kind and effective.”
“After reviewing many firms, and there are thousands of 'want to be's' out there, the Engage at Scale team clearly stood out. Their unique staffing model and targeted skill sets helped us immensely. They have become our go-to partner.”

Companies deserve a partner who can help them achieve their commitment to disability inclusion

Customer Loyalty Calls

Enhance your customer's experience with your brand by utilizing our fully trained and highly skilled customer loyalty agents to efficiently assist and serve your most valuable customers.

Expand Your Customer Support Bandwidth

Customers who are unhappy or who need help want a solution as quickly as possible, and a phone call is still the best channel to make that happen.

Telephone Surveys

Our team will help you conduct market research, customer satisfaction, and patient satisfaction surveys using our telephone survey service.

Our Mission

Engage at Scale is on a mission to become North America's the top employer and place of work for blind and low vision individuals

Equal Opportunity

Every employee is given an equal opportunity at success

First-Class Training

First-class training in the art of customer engagement, customer support and customer service

Great Benefits

Competitive wages, benefits, and growth opportunities for all employees

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Learn how we help companies better engage with their customers and meet their commitments to disability and inclusion

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