We help you better engage with your customers and improve your Disability Index Score

Why partner with Engage at Scale? Because you want to:

  • Achieve or improve your supplier diversity score and inclusion goals
  • Support professional employment opportunities for the blind and low vision community
  • Support people with disabilities
  • Provide opportunities for the blind and low-vision to achieve professional employment and financial security
  • Work with a partner who shares your commitment to disability and inclusion
  • See lives transformed

The values that drive us

At Engage at Scale, we know the challenges business face with DEI (Disability, Equity and Inclusion). We understand you want to have a more diverse workforce, but you're not sure where to begin or how to start. We're here to help!

Equal Opportunity

Every team member is given the opportunity to succeed on their own merits

First-Class Training

Every team member receives first-class training in the art of customer engagement and customer support. And on-going coaching and training to continue developing and honing their skills

Great Benefits

Competitive wages, benefits, and growth opportunities for all of our team members

High Value and ROI

Our clients enjoy a high ROI measured both in social value and business metrics

Our leadership team

Since 2013, Engage at Scale has hired, trained, and provided individuals who are blind or low-vision professional, safe and reliable opportunities to work and to grow their careers.

Engage at Scale is on a mission! Our goal is to become the top employer and the best place to work for blind and low-vision individuals, because the blind and low-vision deserve the same great opportunities to grow their careers

Engage at Scale - You don't need sight when you have a vision!

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John Dubay
Founder & Managing Partner, Engage at Scale
My name is Amanda Hughes. I have been partially blind since birth, and completely blind since age 15. I was born with Congenital Toxoplasmosis, which is the cause of my vision loss. In my youth I did have some vision in my lower right eye, but complications arose when I was 15 and I am now completely blind. I graduated from Whitworth University with a BA in Psychology and have worked with Leads at Scale for the past 8-years. I work with an amazing group of people, more like family than co-workers.

All of our team members are also blind or low vision, but I feel the friendly and open culture we have fostered allows us to collaborate honestly and effectively as a team to accomplish what needs to get done. Working at Leads at Scale has given me opportunities to grow in my professional life, hone my interpersonal skills and to help others.
Amanda Hughes
Team Supervisor, Engage at Scale


We are guided by a simple yet profound vision - become the nation's top place to work for people who are blind or low vision

Partner with organizations committed with the Disability Equality Index

There are many organizations and companies committed to DEI but not all have the resource or setup in place to provide the right work environment that helps people with disability thrive.

In the first part of our mission, our goal is to connect with like minded organizations, provide them with great support, using highly-trained employees to better engage their customers at scale using the telephone.

Make it easy for blind and low vision job seekers to find great opportunities to contribute their skills

In partnership with existing organizations committed to supporting the blind and low vision community, we will enhance the ease of finding great career opportunities.

Changing the perception - People with disabilities can add huge value to the business community!

We're here to change the perception! Blind and low vision individuals can, and are, creating tremendous value in fast-paced organizations every day!

Engage more with your customers and meet your disability & inclusion goals!

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